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Primary School PPA Cover

High-impact PPA cover delivered effectively by our creative curriculum specialists

LSC provides qualified and highly-skilled teachers with specialised creative curriculums to deliver PPA (Planning, Preparation and Assessment) cover in a range of subjects in UK primary schools.

This support allows teachers to take the necessary time required to plan, prepare and assess their classes while giving students the opportunity to receive quality learning.

Our PPA cover can be provided in either a carousel format or tailored as an individual subject cover.

What is a PPA cover carousel?

Watch our video as Executive Headteacher Gareth Elswood of the St. John Chrysostom Federation, Manchester, talks about their school’s experience of our PPA carousel in PE, Spanish & Music.

A PPA carousel can be used to teach 2+ classes at a time. We can use a carousel across multiple year groups and key stages to maximise your teachers’ PPA time. Our specialist teacher would teach one subject for one hour, then swap with another specialist teacher who will teach another subject for one hour and so on throughout the school day.

male Music PPA Cover teacher, delivering music lesson in a primary school

What is a PPA cover?

PPA (Planning, Preparation and Assessment) Cover is a solution designed to help primary schools with their resources and staff planning.

It can be used to free up teachers’ time and ensure that they are able to focus on teaching and learning in the classroom. PPA cover allows teachers to take a break from their normal timetabled lessons, giving them time to plan and prepare for upcoming classes, mark and assess work from students, and attend to other administrative tasks.

This means that teachers have more time to focus on individual students’ needs, as well as develop innovative curriculums for their classes. PPA cover is a great way for primary schools to ensure that their staff are able to provide the best possible learning experience for their students.

Our subjects & PPA cover


Engaging PE lessons improve physical and cognitive skills, helping your pupils become intelligent performers, both in and out of the classroom.


Our cross-curricular music lessons help pupils develop skills using a range of instruments & vocal harmonies in alignment with the national curriculum.


Interactive French or Spanish lessons ensure your pupils develop communication skills, cultural awareness and knowledge about language.


Our inspiring drama teachers deliver lessons that build confidence, concentration, communication and co-operation with others.


Pupils explore their creativity through art discovering different mediums and also techniques.

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