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About us

A nationwide team of trusted primary subject specialists

Delivering quality and consistent PPA cover with expertise in MFL, Drama, PE, Art, Music and extended schools.

LSC are dedicated to providing an enriching educational experience to all children, ensuring they have the opportunity to make positive contributions to society.

We have a deep-seated passion for learning that drives us to create quality educational products and services.

Why choose us?

Our team of experts are professionally evaluated and guaranteed to meet Ofsted teaching standards.

Our specialists boast years of experience and a variety of specialisations, providing a positive and encouraging learning atmosphere that enhances the quality of your school‘s curriculum.

You can depend on LSC to deliver quality primary education to your students.

Find out more about how we can help you by getting in contact with us today!

The LSC Story


  • CEO Craig Brennan started in the bedroom at his parents’ house

  • Little kix coaching founded

  • 1 toddler soccer class in Stockport

  • Bag of footballs, cones and homemade flyers


  • Little sports coaching – started to work with local schools

  • 5 members of staff

  • Small office with store room


  • Working in 15 local schools

  • National award received

  • 12 members of staff

  • 45 sessions per week


  • 16 members of staff

  • Working with 25+ schools

  • Over 65 sessions per week with over 5,000 children

  • Sold equity to PEH to grow business


  • Purchased equity back from PEH

  • 30 members of staff

  • 40 schools, 80+ sessions seeing over 10,000 children per week


  • Acquired total sports coaching

  • 55+ members of staff

  • 165 sessions per week

  • 25,000 children per week


  • Over 90 members of staff

  • Over 35,000 children per week

  • Over 900 sessions per week


  • Over 150 members of staff

  • Acquisition of J&C education and 4 nurseries

  • New group structure created

Please get in touch with us to see how we can help you.