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Kick off the UEFA Euros with these 5 activities! Engage your students this summer with interactive and fun Euros classroom activities.

The 2024 UEFA Euros are right around the corner and everyone is bustling with anticipation and excitement. Flags are flying, football kits are being purchased and big screens popping up everywhere.

Why not bring some of that excitement into your classroom? Here are 5 fun and engaging Euros classroom activities to help you and your pupils celebrate the Euros together.

1. Design your own football kit
Encourage your pupils to unleash their creativity by designing their own football kits. Download the free template below to print out for your class. Make the project more exciting by using mixed media and discussing the significance of different elements of the kit, like the logo or patterns.

2. Country Fact File
The pupils then have to create an interesting fact file with information such as how to say hello in the native language, notable footballers, the capital city and so much more. Pupils can then present the information to each other and share all the new facts they have learnt.

3. Physical Theatre Role Play
Bring football to life by exploring physical theatre! Physical theatre uses movement to tell a story rather than using a script. Your pupils work in pairs, mimicking the actions that occur on a football pitch using expressive body language and movements. You can read more about this, including a lesson plan here.

 4. Host your own Euros tournament
Organise a mini-Euros tournament across the whole school or just with one class. Small-sided matches can make your everyday PE lessons a bit more exciting and is a fun way to engage pupils with the competition. You can deliver a simple tournament or go the extra mile with a detailed schedule and awards at the end.

5. Make your own football chant
Get creative and create a football chant. This is a great activity to blend music, creativity and teamwork by involving the whole class to collaborate in creating the football chant. Use a range of instruments or mouth/ hand sounds and fun, imaginative lyrics to complete the chant.

With these 5 fun activity ideas, it is easy to bring the spirit of the UEFA Euros into the classroom and create a space of excitement and celebration for your pupils. From designing football kits, creating facts files and participating in a mini-tournament, these activities offer a fun and educational way to celebrate the Euros.

Embrace the excitement of the Euros and create memorable experiences for your pupils.

Wrenbury Primary School, LSC Partner School

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– Bessa Cador, Head Teacher

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