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PPA is an essential time for teachers to plan lessons, mark books, and assess children’s learning. However, with the ever-growing workload, it can be difficult to make the most of the PPA time, especially with staff shortages, tight budgets, and the demand for higher attainment levels.

That is where PPA cover specialists come in, providing valuable support to primary schools.

Here are some reasons why PPA cover specialists can be so important to primary schools:

Experienced and Trained Specialists

PPA cover specialists are highly trained and experienced in their subject areas. They bring their specialist knowledge and expertise to the classroom, making lessons more engaging and exciting for children.

Focus on Quality Teaching

When teachers have adequate PPA time, they can plan and deliver high-quality lessons that meet the individual needs of their pupils. With the support of PPA cover specialists, teachers can have more time to focus on quality teaching.

Cover During Staff Shortages

With staff shortages, it can be challenging to provide PPA cover for teachers. PPA cover specialists can provide cover for staff absences, ensuring that the curriculum is still delivered to the highest standard.


Using external PPA cover providers can be a cost-effective solution for primary schools. It can be more expensive to hire a full-time teacher, especially when considering additional costs such as pensions, sick pay, and training.


PPA cover specialists provide flexible support to primary schools. They can work around the school timetable and offer support when needed, ensuring that the school’s curriculum is still delivered effectively.

High-quality Resources

PPA cover specialists often come with a range of high-quality resources, including lesson plans, activities, and assessments. This can help teachers to improve their own planning and ensure that their lessons are engaging and relevant.

In conclusion, PPA cover specialists can be incredibly important to primary schools. They can provide high-quality support, ensure that the curriculum is delivered effectively, and save teacher’s valuable time. They can also be a cost-effective solution for schools, making them an excellent investment in the education of our children.

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