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Your Ultimate Guide To PPA Cover Solutions In Primary Schools

What is PPA? PPA is short for Planning Preparation and Assessment and is allocated time teachers are entitled to help manage workload, catch up on tasks, lesson planning and more.

However, with increasing workloads and staff shortages, a teacher’s PPA time can not always be granted.

The simplest solution, that many schools are turning to, and ensuring their staff take their entitled PPA time is outsourcing a dedicated PPA cover team.

The Role of PPA Cover Specialists In Primary Schools

Primary school ppa cover lesson. Spanish PPA Cover teacher

Outsourcing your school’s PPA cover is an efficient way to ensure your teacher’s PPA time is fulfilled but, also to help level up the quality of teaching that is delivered during this time.

Let’s look in detail at how outsourced PPA cover can revolutionise your school:

Experienced Specialists

PPA Cover teachers are specialists in their subject with relevant training and experience. Therefore, you can expect these lessons to be delivered to a high quality with comprehensive resources and exercises to accompany their teaching.

It is a great way to add value to your pupil’s education by covering knowledge gaps. A range of subjects are usually offered including art, drama and MFL.


Outsourcing PPA cover is, more often than not, supplied on an annual basis. You will receive the same practitioner for each block of PPA cover every week for the entire year.

Consistency is key to delivering high-quality PPA cover. Pupils will form better relationships with teachers, enhancing the quality of education as well as benefitting from lessons that are part of a wider year-long scheme of work.

Cost Saving

Providers of PPA cover often offer schools exclusive discounts for varying services. Here at LSC, the more you receive, the more you save. Combining your PPA Cover with additional services such as wrap-around care can reduce the cost. Learn more about offsetting your costs with this quick video.

There are also no additional extras and your school can save money by not having to fork out for last-minute cover as sicknesses and other absences are covered internally.


A good PPA cover provider should offer flexibility, your PPA cover should work for your school’s specific needs and requirements. Such as working around your school’s timetable and working with your unique curriculum to ensure lessons align with your greater long-term plans.

Is PPA Cover Right For Your School? What Are Your Options?

PPA Cover lesson with ppa teacher

How to know if PPA cover is a right fit for your school?

If you are struggling to cover your teacher’s PPA time and no longer want to be stung with high fees for external cover, it’s time to consider outsourcing.

There are many providers out there and it can be daunting trying to look for the right one but the most efficient way of doing so is by using a provider checklist. You can download a checklist for free and it will help you keep track of the different providers and compare services to find the right fit for your school.

What PPA Services Should I Choose?

The most optimal way to outsource your PPA Cover is through PPA Carousels.

PPA Carousels are an efficient way of utilising PPA Cover and fulfilling your school’s PPA requirements in a single day. You can learn more about these services and how it works on our website.

Want To Learn More About Our PPA Cover Options?

Reach out to us today and our School Partnership team will be happy to answer any of your questions and help you find the best solution for your school’s needs.

Please get in touch with us to see how we can help you.

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