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5 ideas to keep your children active and engaged throughout the Easter Holidays

It is officially spring! The days are getting longer, we’re soaking up more sunlight, and temperatures are on the rise. However, as we all know, this time of year can be incredibly unpredictable and we can’t always count on sunny days, so it’s essential to have alternative ideas to keep your children entertained and engaged, inside or out.

We’ve put together 5 ideas to help you think of new ways to keep your children entertained during the school break. All of these ideas can be done inside or outside, so no matter the weather, you can still have fun!

1. Easter Egg Hunt

Be inventive with your Easter Egg hunt this year with a scavenger hunt twist. Get creative with clues and hiding spots to make a 1-minute egg hunt turn into one that could last for hours! This is a perfect activity that can be done inside or outside and is great for all ages. Check out some these hiding spot prompts:

Clues and answers for an easter egg scavenger hunt

2. Family Picnic

Who says picnics have to be outdoors? Rain or shine, you can create a cosy indoor picnic by covering the floor with blankets and cushions. It’s an excellent opportunity to involve your children in cooking or baking. No-knead bread or cupcakes are easy recipes that children of all ages can follow with your supervision. Cooking helps foster independence and key motor skills which are important in childhood development.

3. Colouring

We have created some fun colouring-in sheets you can print off at home or download onto a tablet and colour in electronically! If you need a moment’s peace, colouring is always a great option and it also helps boost creativity and develop concentration skills.

4. Obstacle Course

Let your imagination run wild and create an obstacle course. Again, this idea does not confine you to good weather as this can easily be done inside. Get creative and come up with at least 5 stations that can be repeated for hours of fun! Here is our idea:

1- Bunny Hops: Place sofa cushions on the floor with a 30cm gap between them for your children to hop over them.
2- Egg & Spoon Race: Use either hard-boiled eggs, or a smash-proof alternative, to be balanced on a spoon for a short distance.
3- Limbo: Use a broom or mop handle balanced across 2 surfaces or chairs to create a ‘limbo’ beam or even as a hurdle for bunny hops!
4- Carrot Toss: Toss a soft toy from about 1m from a bucket, bowl or cup. Go from big to small to make it more difficult
5- Frog Hops: Crouch into a frog shape and do 10 hops to the finish line!

5. Scavenging

Make your family walk out in nature more exciting and engaging by creating a scavenger hunt. There are lots of online identification sheets for birds, insects, animal tracks and so much more that you can take on your next walk and see how many you can find.

We hope these ideas inspire you to create active and engaging activities for your children this Easter that don’t rely on screen time. These activities stimulate children of all ages, promoting important developmental skills that contribute to improved mental and physical well-being.

Have you tried any of these activities? Tag us in your social media posts so we can see your egg-citing Easter Holidays!