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There are several compelling reasons to consider outsourcing your primary school’s music provision to an external provider. Let’s delve into these factors in more detail:


Cost Efficiencies: Employing a full-time music teacher comes with additional costs such as national insurance, pension contributions, paid leave, and paid sick days. Outsourcing your music to a specialist provider can save you an average of 13% compared to hiring a direct staff member.


Flexibility: Full-time music teachers may not always be optimally utilised, leading to inefficiencies. An outsourced music curriculum provider offers flexibility, allowing you to use music teachers only when needed. This could include covering planning, preparation, and assessment (PPA) time, leading regular music lessons, or supervising extra-curricular music clubs.


Covering Absences: Reputable providers have contingency plans in place to cover staff absences. You should receive advance notice and comprehensive details about the cover teacher, including vetting info and photo identification.


A Range of Services: External providers often offer a range of musical services, including instruction in various instruments, vocal training, and even specialised programs such as choir or ensemble coaching.There are some good providers who offer other subjects too, such as PE, Drama, Art, MFL and more. This flexibility simplifies logistical and financial management for your school.


Knowledge and Skills: Outsourced providers typically prioritise ongoing training and support for their staff. These professionals are experts in their respective subjects, and their curriculum aligns with the National Curriculum guidelines within the OFSTED framework. Here at LSC, our quality assurance teams work to enhance practitioner skills and ensure compliance with standards. Download our Ofsted Deep Dive in Music here.


A Good Fit for Your School: Finding the right staff member who fits seamlessly into your school’s culture can be challenging. Outsourcing eliminates the prolonged process of candidate selection and minimises the risk of a mismatch between the teacher and your school. External providers can quickly address any issues or provide replacements as needed.


Integration into Your Team: Many of our partner schools report that our music teachers have become integral members of the school team. These highly engaged, qualified, and experienced music specialists integrate with your staff, ensuring children receive the best musical education without the complexities of direct employment management.


With a successful track record working with over 1100 schools across the UK, we believe our approach to Music, MFL, Drama, Art and PE aligns with the evolving needs of modern primary education. Our mission remains steadfast: to educate, activate and nurture the next generation.

In conclusion, outsourcing your primary school’s music curriculum can offer cost-effective, flexible, and high-quality music education while relieving your school of the administrative burdens associated with direct employment. We are committed to supporting schools in their quest to provide enriching musical experiences for their students, and we are dedicated to our mission of promoting music education and participation.


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